The Swimmers are at the starting blocks. Ready, go! I see them suspended in the air, stretching their bodies to the utmost, penetrating the water and riemerging aggressively as they start to repeat their swimming movements in an obsessive manner. Apparently they are uncapable of thinking. They seem wrapped up in a cold speechless beauty, figurative of the kind without feeling, reduced to pure aesthetic, model for growing hosts of men and women who unravel their existence diving into the monotony of acting without ideals. Humanoids.

An impossible world. The protagonists of my Photo Drawings, pure and simple photographs actually, find refuge from present day's anxieties, at times with the aid of the graphic representation of comics strokes, in a dimension at the same time dream-like and irriverent. A hand reaching out like a claw; legs fluctuating tenuously, while others contrasting in their physicality with what seems to be their own shadow, in the image depicting the falling into the water of two athletes in a competition of synchronized diving; divers' bodies suspended in the air, between reality and dream; the silhouette of a swimmer intangible like a ghost that seems to be crossing the lanes of the swimming pool transversely. Finally, the photo of the swimming pool void of people which seals the invitation to dream, encouraging the observer to penetrate such dimension.

The action of the Divers, the third series of the Swimming pool images, is instead considered absolutely human in the succession of the physicality of the movements which, owing to a tonic nakedness, finds the craved explosive carnality. A joyful carnality in open contrast with the loneliness which characterizes Swimmers reproduced in impersonal scenarios deprived of the passionate background of the terraces. This joyful carnality is supported by that of the blazing chromatisms of the spectators corroborating the indisputable human essence of the athletic act.

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