The images of "Champions", on film without the use of digital manipulations, represent the second and final step of the work that began with "Swimming Pools". They intend to trace an excursus of contemporary experience: from solitude, to restlessness and to other malaises of the individual in global society up to the renewed communion with the natural environment as the pathway suggested by the artist for affirming new balances of the human dimension.

Within this perspective, the figure of the Champion is rediscovered. The indistinct features of the great protagonists of international sports attempts to avoid for once every connection with successes, records, gossip, sports and personal scandals, sponsor logos and luxury produced from being sports celebrities, through which we are used to associating them with, restoring in this way the essence of their most prestigious record: the pureness and sacredness of the athletic gesture as the topical moment of a challenge within oneself first, and secondly against one's opponents.

"Champions" and "Champions in Black and White", the latter gallery is the two colour interpretation of the themes focused on, they are the result of two years of photographs taken only during the highest international levels of the theme sports contests and events.